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Transporting Deceased in an Urn / Crematory Container

You may carry-on or check-in the deceased in an urn or crematory container. The U.S. Public Health does not require documentation when transporting an urn or crematory container. If you are arriving from a foreign port into the United States, an authorized stamp is required.

Conditions of Acceptance

In order for a crematory container to be transported on a commercial aircraft, the container must pass x-ray screening by TSA. If the container is made of a material that prevents the screener from clearly being able to see what is inside, then the container will not be allowed through the security checkpoint.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a temporary crematory container made of a material that can successfully be x-rayed, such as wood, non-lead lined ceramic, covered calabash or sachet.                                            

TSA screeners are prohibited from opening
a crematory container and contents within
the container in lieu of x-ray screening.

Anyone wishing to transport an empty permanent metal, opaque, or lead lined urn in checked baggage, must leave the top of the urn open (since screeners can not open the urn).

General Restrictions

It is recommended that travelers refrain from transporting remains in bronze, metal, or lead lined urns since they are not x-ray friendly containers.                                                                                 

It is not permissible to use documentation from funeral home or death certificate to release unclear contents through the security checkpoints.  

For more information, please see www.tsa.gov.

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