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Traveling with Your Service Animal

 E Komo Mai! We welcome our Hawaiian Airlines guests traveling with their service animals. Service animals are permitted for transportation onboard our aircraft when assisting a qualified individual with a disability.

Definition of a Service Animal

Service animals are trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. While we do not require guests using a trained service animal to provide documentation, it is expected that a service animal behave in public and follow the direction of its owner. If the service animal does not behave or verbal credible assurance confirming that the animal is a trained service animal is not obtained, Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to request documentation such as identification cards or other written documentation.

Service Animals in Training

Hawaiian Airlines will not accept service animals in training for transportation in the cabin of the aircraft. If a guest wishes to transport their service animal in training, we will accept the animal as a pet in cabin (applicable routes only) or as a checked animal for a fee.

Travel Options

Your Service Animals may travel in one of two ways:

  1. In cabin, with the following restrictions:
    • Service animal must travel in the cabin of the aircraft and occupy the floor space at the guest’s feet or under the seat in front of the guest, without protruding into the floor space of the adjacent seat, aisles or obstructing access to an aisle or exit
    • Animals are prohibited from occupying an aircraft seat or using items such as, but limited to, pillows and blankets that are issued to guests.
  2. As checked baggage without charge, with the following restrictions:
    • All Hawaiian Airlines, State and/or government regulations, requirements and restrictions are met

Reservation Requirements

Guest traveling with their service animal must provide Hawaiian Airlines with the following:

  1. 48-hour advance notice prior to scheduled departure
  2. Guests must check-in one hour prior to the general public
  3. A valid health certificate dated:

    Travel Between Health Certificate must be dated
    Hawaii to North America Within 10 days of travel
    North America to Hawaii Within 14 days of travel
    *Roundtrip travel - A health certificate is valid for 30 days from the original departure date. If return date is outside of 30 days, a new health certificate is required.
  4. For flights that are more than 8 hours long, guests will need to provide documentation that shows:
    • That the service animal will not relieve itself on the flight - OR -
    • That the animal can relive itself in a way that does not create a health or sanitation issue on the flight

For more information on traveling with your service animal either domestically or internationally, please visit our Contract of Carriage:

Traveling on Partner Airlines

If you are traveling on a flight operated by our partner airline, please contact the airline carrier directly for their acceptance requirements and restrictions.

Animal Relief Areas

For the comfort of your animal, before arriving at the airport, please be sure that your animal relieves itself. We ask that you refrain from providing your animal with any food or water in preparation for the flight, reducing the need for your animal to relieve itself in the terminal, gate or in-flight.

In the event that you may need a relief area, view the list of Animal Relief Areas at select airports Hawaiian Airlines serves. If your airport is not listed, please ask for directions or assistance from our airport representatives.

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