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Check-In Pets as Baggage - For Dogs and Cats

Hawaiian Airlines understands that your pet is an important part of your family and we strive to provide an enjoyable travel experience for the both of you. We offer check-in options for domestic dogs, cats and household birds only. For more information about traveling with your household bird, please click here.

Check-In Pet Reservations

Hawaiian Airlines will only transport domestic dogs and cats as check-in baggage.  Pet reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please call Reservations to check pet space availability and reserve space for your pet.

Please refer to Hawaiian Airlines Cargo if your circumstances match one of the following:

  1. Pet is traveling with a passenger and the pet and kennel exceeds the weight limit of 70 lbs (32 kg), or
  2. Pet is traveling unaccompanied.

In both cases, owner and/or shipper can call Hawaiian Airlines Cargo during hours of operation (Mon- Fri 0700-1800, Sat-Sun 0700-1300) to make a reservation for your pet.

International Travel:

If you are traveling internationally, please call Hawaiian Airlines Reservations for accepted routes and travel document requirements. Please reference our International Contract of Carriage for additional information.

Booking Restrictions

Hawaiian Airlines will limit the number of kennels carried on any flight in order to ensure the safety and well-being of your animal.

Pets will not be accepted as baggage on any flight.

  • Where the local temperature at the origin, destination or connection airport exceeds 85°F (29°C), or falls below 45°F (7°C)
  • Flights to/from: Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX), San Jose (SJC), Sacramento (SMF) during our Pet Embargo period: Apr 15 - Oct 15
  • On flights to/from New York (JFK)
    • Exception: Hawaiian Airlines only accepts Service Animals to/from New York
  • Where the animal is transferring from another carrier
    • Exception: Animals will be checked beyond a point of transfer to Hawaiian Airlines or 'Ohana by Hawaiian operated by Empire Airlines
  • Snub nosed dogs and cats
Snub Nosed Dog Breeds Snub Nosed Cat Breeds
American Staffordshire Terrier Burmese
American Pit Bull Terrier Exotic
Boston Terrier Himalayan
Boxer Persian
Brussels Griffon
Bull Mastiff
Bull Terrier
Chow Chow
Dutch Pug
English Bulldog
Japanese Pug
Japanese Spaniel Chin
Lhasa Apso
Pit Bull
Shar Pei
Shih Tzu
Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Note: Exceptions may be made provided the owner/shipper signs a waiver

If Hawaiian Airlines is unable to accept an animal due to temperature restrictions, the customer may rebook to the next flight provided space is available for both the passenger and animal. Any applicable fare differences or date change penalties will be waived provided that changes are made into the same cabin as the original ticket.

Please call Reservations to check pet space availability and reserve space for your pet.

For more information on our pet acceptance policies, see our Domestic/International Contract of Carriage.

Aircraft Limitations

Pets are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please call Reservations to check pet space availability and reserve space for your pet.

For the comfort of both our passengers and pets, Hawaiian Airlines will limit the number of carry-on pets to the following:

Aircraft Maximum Pets
ATR 42-500 1 pet per flight
B-717 / B-767 / A330 3 pets per flight


Note: One passenger may check-in multiple animals, as long as the pet space is available and does not exceed aircraft limitations.

Check-In Pet Fees

Fees shown are one-way per kennel. All fees subject to change. Non-service animal accommodation is subject to space availability. Voluntary stopovers incur point-to-point charges.

Check-in Pet (Per kennel, one-way)

Neighbor Island


Hawaii to North America


North America to Hawaii

$225 per kennel, each way
w/ quarantine restrictions


$225 per kennel, each way
*Please call Hawaiian Airlines Reservations for accepted routes

Pet Kennel Acceptance Information

If the total weight of pet and kennel is 70 lbs (32 kg) or less, the following applies:

Aircraft Max Weight
(Pet and Kennel combined)
Max Linear Size Dimensions
B-717 70 lbs (32kg) 36" length x 24" width x 26" height
(91cm length, 60cm width, 66cm height)
B-767/A330 70 lbs (32kg) 40" length x 27" width x 30" height
(101cm length, 68cm width, 76cm height)


Guests are responsible for:

  • Guests must supply their own kennel
  • The Guest's Name/ Address/ Phone Number at destination must be noted on kennel (No PO Box address permitted)
  • Hard-sided plastic kennel approved for airline transportation
    • Hawaiian Airlines will not accept a soft-sided, collapsible kennel or all-wire cage
  • Kennel must have adequate handholds to enable lifting without coming in contact with the pet
  • Kennel must have a protecting rim of 3/4 inch to prevent the ventilation openings on trasport enclosures from being blocked if placed next to a solid surface
  • Entrance or exit must be securely fastened, or if latching mechanisms used, it must be accident proof

Pet Kennel Regulations and Restrictions:

Based on kennel regulations and restrictions, the following apply to pets traveling as check-in luggage:

  • Maximum of 1 animal per kennel
    • Exception: Up to 2 puppies or kittens (at least 8 weeks old, but no more than 6 months old and must be fully weaned) may be carried in one kennel, provided they do not exceed a total weight of 25 lbs.
  • Maximum amount of kennels per passengers based upon maximum allowed per aircraft and space availability
  • No leash or restraining device attached to the pet
  • Drip water bottle is allowed in kennel (Hawaiian Airlines does not feed animal)
  • The kennel must have an absorbent material (blanket, towel, shredded paper, absorbent pad)
  • Pet must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless and not require attention during flight

Required Travel Documents

To ensure an enjoyable experience, please review the required travel documents below:

Route Required Travel Documents
Neighbor Island
  • Health certificate is not required for dogs or cats on Neighbor Island flights.
Hawaii to North America
  • Health certificate must be dated within 10 days of date of departure signed/issued by a licensed/certified veterinarian. Original health certificate is required.

For General Import Information, passengers may call the Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health at Ph# 970-494-7200 for details.

Note: Hawaiian Airlines only accepts Service Animals to/from New York

North America to Hawaii
  • Health certificate must be dated within 14 days of date of departure signed/issued by a licensed/certified veterinarian. Passenger must have original and copy. The original is for quarantine and copy is for Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Live Animal Checklist (completed by a Hawaiian Airlines agent)
Hawaii to International
International to Hawaii


Note: Health certificates must be signed/issued by a licensed/certified veterinarian. Health certificates are valid for 30 days after original departure date. If return flight occurs beyond 30 days from the original departure date, the passenger will need to obtain a new health certificate, dated within 10 (Hawaii→North America) / 14 (North America→Hawaii, service animals only) days of return flight.

Additional Information - Domestic Dogs and Cats:

For travel from North America to Hawaii, quarantine restrictions apply.

Pet Check-In and Pick-Up

Pet Check-in:

  • Check-in at Ticket Counter
    • Web check-in is NOT available for passengers traveling with animals

Pet Pick-up:

  • If pet is checked in at the ticket counter, pick up at your destination will be at baggage claim
  • For pick-up in the State of Hawaii: All live pets arriving into the State of Hawaii will be taken to quarantine holding station at the Honolulu airport (808-837-8092).

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