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Share / Transfer HawaiianMiles between Accounts

You are generous. And for a lucky someone, you’re the bearer of a special gift: HawaiianMiles.

People like you deserve good things in return, so sharing HawaiianMiles is quick and easy.

Sharing HawaiianMiles: What You Need to Know

First off, both the donor and recipient’s HawaiianMiles accounts must have a valid email addresses. Once that is confirmed, the following fees and restrictions apply based on the recipient’s Hawaiian Airlines cardholder status:

  1. If the recipient of the HawaiianMiles is currently a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard (primary cardholders only) or check card holder, sharing HawaiianMiles is FREE! - OR -
  2. If the recipient of the HawaiianMiles is not a cardholder, the following fees and restrictions will apply:
    • $25 service fee,
    • $0.01 per mile transfer fee, and
    • A minimum of 2,000 HawaiianMiles must be shared at one time

How To Share Miles

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to our Share Miles - OR -
  2. Log in to the HawaiianMiles account you want to transfer miles from
    • Locate the left navigation menu that lists “HawaiianMiles”
    • Click on the “Share Miles” option
  3. Once you are on the Share Miles page, enter the recipient’s last name
  4. Enter the recipient’s HawaiianMiles account number
  5. Enter the number of miles you’d like to share
  6. Read the listed terms and conditions
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Once the transaction is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to both you and the recipient

Note: To consolidate duplicate accounts, please contact our HawaiianMiles Service Center.

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