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HawaiianMiles Online Statement

Your HawaiianMiles Online Statement

Your HawaiianMiles. You earn them every time you fly with us or our partner airlines, stay at partner hotels, reserve car rentals with our partners, or purchase from partner retailers—there are so many ways for those miles to add up!

Your HawaiianMiles online statement keeps track of all this for you. Consider it your portal to the perks of flying Hawaiian. Here, you can

  • Check your HawaiianMiles balance
  • See how many miles you’ve earned by month and by year
  • Find out what perks you qualify for right now
  • See how many more miles or segments you need to earn for Pualani Gold or Pualani Platinum status
  • Check out the exact activity breakdown of how you earn your miles

Plus, you can print out a copy of your HawaiianMiles Statement.

Check out your mileage activity statement online now.

How to View Your Statement

We’ve made checking your HawaiianMiles statement super easy.

  1. Log into your HawaiianMiles account at www.HawaiianAirlines.com
  2. When you land on your account dashboard, locate the navigation bar on the left hand side
  3. Under “HawaiianMiles”, click “Mileage Statement”
  4. If you want to print your statement, click the “Print” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Do you need to edit your contact information?

If so, click the “Edit” button under your account information that is listed in the upper left corner of your mileage statement.

Searching for something specific?

Use the keyword search to find specific flights and transactions or utilize the drop down menu on the right to narrow your search by date range or type of miles earned/redeemed.

Helpful Links

Did you forget to add your HawaiianMiles number to a recent reservation? Or to a past reservation? Here are a few online resources to help you manage all the HawaiianMiles you’ve earned.

To add your HawaiianMiles number to a future flight reservation, click here.

If you’ve already completed your travel on Hawaiian Airlines and forgot to include your HawaiianMiles number in your booking or at check-in, click here.

Or did you make a purchase with one of our partner businesses and forgot to give them your HawaiianMiles number? If so, please contact the business directly.

Finally, if you notice any discrepancies in your account, please contact HawaiianMiles Service Center for further assistance.    

Note: Re-deposited miles will not show up on your Mileage Activity Detail online statement, but you’ll see the redeposit in your overall balance.



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